Unakite Prayer Beads

This gemstone prayer beads composed of 33 high-grade unakite beads, sterling silver tassel, sterling silver handle and sterling silver stoppers. Comes with free velvet box.


The Unakite is a combination of the three crystals, namely the Quartz, Green Epidote and Pink Feldspar. It has the metaphysical property to balance the aspects of emotional, mental and spiritual states, and it allows you to feel confident and important. The Unakite stone is recognized to release unnecessary energy blockages that can prevent life growth, and it is known to encourage living in the present and to appreciate what life has to offer. This gemstone is beneficial to the female reproductive system and pregnancy. In terms of the physical aspect, it is acknowledged to provide support from a recovery due to major operations and illnesses.

Product Details
Bead Diameter: 10,38 mm / 0,41 in
Product Weight: 82,2 gr / 0,18 lb
Product Length: 30 cm

$ 131$118

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