Aquamarine Prayer Beads

This muslim prayer beads is composed of 33 Aquamarine stone beads with sterling silver handle, tassel and separator beads. Comes with FREE handmade velvet box.


The Aquamarine reflects the energy of the ocean that can stimulate you to connect solemnly to the nature spirits of the ocean. It has the metaphysical property to calm down phobias and overreaction. This gemstone is considered the Stone of Courage and Protection, and it is used to improve spiritual connection and to clear communication via conversations and expressions. The Aquamarine stone is mostly used by students because it has the energy to assimilate new knowledge, to invigorate intellectual growth, to be open-minded on the current national issues, and to enhance reasoning and thinking. It also helps in appreciating logic and reasoning given a set of circumstances. 

Product Details
Bead Diameter: 10,36 mm / 0,408 in
Product Weight: 61,9 gr / 0,135 lb
Product Length: 28 cm

$ 121$59

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