Carnelian Agate Prayer Beads

This praying beads is composed of 33 carnelian agate stone beads with sterling silver handle, sterling silver tassel and sterling silver separator. Comes with free velvet box.


The Carnelian Agate is the stone of action that provides courage and confidence to move forward towards a new path in life. This gemstone is known to protect the souls of the dead people on their travel to the other side. In terms of the physical aspect, Carnelian Agate assists the body to maintain a smooth flow of life energy force using the blood. This action stone stimulates the urge to continue goals and ambitions in one’s life that is why it helps the wearer to move to the desired path. It also averts negative feelings such as giving up on life’s dreams; instead, it brings stable physiological state on the wearer. 

Product Details
Bead Diameter: 10 mm / 0,38 in
Product Weight:

$ 129$116
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