Amber Prayer Beads

Made of 99 high-grade authentic amber beads, amber handle and sterling silver tassel with limited quantity. FREE handmade luxury gift box.


The Amber stone is actually a fossilized resin that is known for psychic protection, and for the powerful healing that provides the wearer the sense of being energetic and healthy. It helps in strengthening spirituality and optimism, which are essential to have fuller and richer life. It assists in giving off balance among emotions, mentality and negative energy. It also helps in easing stress and hypersensitivity, and in speeding prosperity and abundance that you deserve in life. The Amber stone is considered the birthstone for the zodiac signs, Leo and Aquarius. 

Product Details
Bead Diameter: 6,25 mm / 0,245 lb
Product Weight: 17,1 gr / 0,0375 lb
Product Length: 39 cm

$ 222$198

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