Moss Agate Prayer Beads

Prayer beads composed of 33 high-grade moss agate beads, sterling silver tassel, sterling silver handle and sterling silver stoppers. Comes with free velvet box.

The Moss Agate is considered an agate of warriors with the ability to balance emotions and to let go of bitterness and anger in one’s life. When someone wears a Moss Agate gemstone, it helps to bring health, good fortune and more friends. This gemstone ameliorates endurance, persistence, concentration and success in hardships. It also attracts abundance and prosperity. Moss Agate has the metaphysical property to strengthen the will to fight off stress, and to relieve nettlesome feeling to pollution and weather. This gemstone is used in the assistance of a successful labor, and in speeding up recovery from illnesses.

Product Details
Bead Diameter: 10 mm / 0,38 in
Product Weight: 68,4 gr / 0,1500 lb
Product Length: 30 cm

$ 122$109
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