Turquoise Prayer Beads

Prayer beads composed of 33 high-grade turquoise beads, sterling silver tassel, sterling silver handle and sterling silver stoppers. Comes with free velvet box.


The Turquoise gemstone symbolizes wealth to most ancient cultures; it is considered one of the oldest protection stone. It has the strength to protect anyone who wears it from harm and from evil spirits upon reuniting with the spirit world. Turquoise has the metaphysical property of preventing you from negative energy while encouraging you to engage in peaceful relationship. It helps you to gain enough wisdom that you need to achieve your dreams in life, since wisdom is important in sticking with the truth. Turquoise gemstone palliates stomach problems, rheumatism and viral infections, and it increases muscular strength and immunity against foreign bodies.

Product Details
Bead Diameter: 10 mm / 0,38 in
Product Weight: 72,1 gr / 0,1605 lb
Product Length: 31 cm

$ 133$119

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