Yellow Tiger Eye Prayer Beads

Prayer beads is composed of 33 yellow tiger eye beads with sterling silver handle, sterling silver tassel and sterling silver separator. Comes with free velvet box.


The Yellow Tiger Eye is a classification of Tiger Eye that has the combination of energies from the sun and earth. These energies promote peace, clarities with problems, and intuition among people who are in need of rationality. It helps in breaking down fear and introversion by encouraging you to engage in more conversations with people. Yellow Tiger Eye attracts good fortune, abundance and prosperity. In terms of health, Yellow Tiger Eye helps in treating eye disorders, intestinal problems, throat and reproductive system. It is also useful in increasing night vision and in aligning the spine for most elders.

Product Details
Bead Diameter: 10 mm / 0,38 in
Product Weight: 67,2 gr / 0.1480 lb
Product Length: 31 cm

$ 123$109

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