Goldstone Prayer Beads

Prayer beads is composed of 33 gold stone beads with sterling silver handle, sterling silver tassel and sterling silver separator. Comes with free velvet box.


The Goldstone gemstone is known as the Stone of Ambition because it has the metaphysical property in helping the wearer to attain for the desired dreams and to reach life’s goals. It averts unwanted, negative energies, while it attracts positive energy needed to carry on with life. It is recognized for its long-distance healing and regenerating one’s strength. Goldstone has infused copper, which assists in the strengthening of the circulatory system, in easing arthritis pain, and in fortifying bones. 

Product Details
Bead Diameter: 10 mm / 0,38 in
Product Weight: 59,9 gr / 0,1320 lb
Product Length: 28 cm

$ 82$79

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