Lapis Lazuli Prayer Beads

This praying beads is composed of 33 12mm lapis lazuli beads with sterling silver handle, sterling silver tassel and sterling silver separator. Comes with free velvet box.


The gemstone, Lapis Lazuli is prominent in creating and maintaining connection between the physical and the paranormal planes, thus stabilizing a spiritual connection. This is relevant when the person wants to encounter the guardian spirits. Lapis Lazuli has the energy to enhance and to improve psychic and intuitive awareness for the person wearing the gemstone. It is said to have a constructive aura in writing, thus making it useful in automatic writing. 

Product Details
Bead Diameter: 12 mm / 0,470 in
Product Weight: 114,6 gr / 0,2525 lb
Product Length: 35 cm

$ 110$148

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